Talent Show

Talent Show 2017
Thursday, January 26, 2017
LBHS Artists Theater


Online sales will remain open until 3pm on Thursday, Jan 26. Please bring your printed tickets to the show. Remaining tickets will be for sale at the theater Box Office starting at 4pm.



Please note there will be no after-school bus to accommodate children auditioning. They must have a way of getting home after the audition.

After you signed up you should have be given an audition TIME–this is different from last year, and it should mean less hanging around. Check the audition schedule for your time. Please arrive for your audition 5 minutes before the allocated time.

Do not go inside the MPR–the doors will be closed. When you arrive at school, 5 minutes before your audition, you will be greeted by a talent show co-ordinator, who will take your music from you (if you haven’t emailed it already), then you will be called in to the MPR individually or in your group at your allocated time. There will be NO audience for these first auditions allowed in the MPR. Each act will be given up to 5 mins to show the talent panel their act! We are not looking for perfection at this first audition (and everyone who “auditions” will be included in the show), we just want to see a plan of what you are doing.

Most importantly, we need your music. You must either bring a CD or flash drive with 2 minutes of music to the audition on November 18th. Or, preferably, send Laura Buckle an MP3 of the music BEFORE November 18th (please don’t email the MP3 on the day of the 18its too late) There is a piano available in the MPR for any budding pianist, any other instruments, please bring along. Also if you require any piano or musical accompaniment, please contact Mr Murphy – trevormurphy35@gmail.com. He has other artists available as well.


  • Children can only be in ONE act each, this can be a solo piece or a group piece, you cannot be on stage more than once (with the exception of any 5th graders, who are acting as MC’s or who are involved in a choral piece)
  • 5th grade MC’s or choral members can elect to perform in ONE solo or group act in addition to their MC duties.
  • Time for each act is limited to 2 minutes or less. No exceptions–this is to keep it fair and fluent.
  • NO LIP SYNCHING – if you are singing there can be NO LYRICS, not even quiet ones. We want your talent, not anyone else’s.
  • All acts must be elementary school age appropriate, including song lyrics, content, costumes and dance moves. No bad language or innuendo–choose your song carefully, whether you are singing or dancing to it. No inappropriate dancing or costumes.
  • Children should be the featured performers. Parent (or other adult) participation should be limited to musical accompaniment or background support.
  • No animals allowed in the act, unless service animals.
  • No toy weapons of any kind to be used in acts
  • First come first serve…we cannot have duplicated acts! For example, sometimes we have people or groups who want to perform to the same song, or want to sing the same song. The rule on this is the act that signs up online first with the name of the song will perform that act. There is no movement in this, we have to keep it fair.

In order to participate in the Talent Show, all acts MUST be within the guidelines and adhere to the dates listed below, to ensure their place.

Hello Everyone!

It’s that time again!!!!!!! Yes it’s Talent Show time!

Last year’s show was a HUGE success and I was so proud of everyone involved. This year will be my last opportunity to direct the show, so I want it to be the BEST YET!

To do this requires your talent (you all have loads!!) your commitment and your hard work. We MUST stick to deadlines and listen carefully to all of the instructions. The 2016 talent show went without ANY hiccups because we all worked together and I know 2017 can be just as good if not better!!

The Talent Show is designed to celebrate the incredible talents of our children and is always so much fun. The same as last year, there are a few guidelines we have to abide by for the talent show–read them carefully! 

We will hold auditions for ALL Grades FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 18. This gives you PLENTY of time to create your act, sign up, get your music ready and PRACTICE, practice, practice and practice again…..! 

Mr Murphy is selecting MC’s from 5th grade. It is at his discretion. You do not need to sign up or email me or Mr Murphy. He will select you. Also if you require any piano or musical accompaniment, please contact Mr Murphy – trevormurphy35@gmail.com, He has other artists available as well.

Any questions feel free to email me talentshow@towpta.org or text me 949-395-0150

I am soooooo looking forward to working with all of you guys to make the talent show the best yet.

Much love,

Mrs Buckle xoxo



Friday, November 18 – Auditions

You will receive an email confirm your child’s act, music selection, etc. and give you an audition time. Please read audition details above.

At this stage:

  • Once you receive a confirmation email, you child’s act is final. THERE SHOULD BE NO CHANGES TO ACTS AFTER THIS POINT. 
  • Music must be ready in CD or digital form (MP3 or MP4) and must be cut at 2 MINUTES for the audition on Nov 18. 

Practice #1

Friday, Dec 9 – 2:20 in MPR (Grades 1, 2, 3)
Friday, Dec 16 – 2:20 in MPR (Grades 4 & 5)

At this stage:

  • Performers (solo and group) will have 2 minute on stage to perform their acts
  • We don’t expect the act to be polished at this time, but we do expect at this point to see the foundations of a talent show act

Practice #2

Friday, Jan 13 – 2:20 in MPR (Grades 1, 2, 3)
Friday, Jan 20 – 2:20 in MPR (Grades 4 & 5)

At this stage:

  • Performers should be ready to perform a polished act, that is ready or near ready (not just started)
  • At this point students will receive constructive feedback on their acts
  • REMEMBER: no group member changes, song changes, additions of members, etc.

This is the last practice before dress rehearsal.

LBHS Artists Theater
January 25th 
Act 1 (Grades 1-3): 3:00pm
Act 2 (Grades 4-5): 4:40pm

 At this stage, performers should have:

  • A polished act – MUST BE READY!
  • Props
  • Costumes
  • A parent or other adult must accompany each child for the entire duration of the rehearsal and you must stay until the end of your Act


LBHS Artists Theater
January 26th
Act 1 (grades 1-3): 5 – 6:30pm
Act 2 (grades 4-5 and honors chorus): 7 – 9pm

Information for participants about drop off/trolly/red carpet.